VISIOBURST offers solutions to fit the 3D glasses-free to businesses and organizations communication needs.
3D is now entering into reality of communication market:

- Cinema (feature film)
- TV (first 3D glasses screen and first operator’s offers)

But the solutions currently on the market, essentially, are solutions WITH GLASSES.
The new logical step is to remove the glasses.
The 3D screens without glasses VISIOBURST give a visual experience that makes full use of our ability to see 3D without wearing special glasses: they allow both to perceive the depth of the images and their burst off the screen. A striking … visual experience … !

VISIOBURST is the extremely rare in France to offer now an operational 3D WITHOUT GLASSES solution:

- To meet the businesses and organizations communication’s needs, the ones who need to get rid of wearing glasses for :”shows, showrooms, sales and technical presentations .. “

- By providing them : 8 “, 22″, 42 ” screens, and now … 52″!,

- And by deploying all the services to highlight your communication: production of commercials and advertissements, 3D videos highlighting your logo, product or even brand.

COMMUNICATE with a NEW IMPACT and a strong DIFFERENCIATION, will require in the near future 3D without glasses. VISIOBURST offers now a fully operational solution .